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PT Mendekor Anugerah Indonesia (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Who We Are?

With Mendekor, people can decorate their space the way they never thought possible. We make the seemingly unreachable easy to grasp, we embrace possibillities. Mendekor designs, produces and sales high quality yet affordable interior products, such as furniture and decorations.

Menghias Ruang, Menata Hidup (Decorating Space, Organizing Life)

Mendekor believe that great products should be accessable by many and are not just appealing to the eyes but also need to focuse heavily on functionality and practicality, as well as creating a positive impact to the user and society. Our products are made by passionate Indonesian crafter from all over the nation and by buying our products, you have taken part on improving their life, for the better.

Reach Us

Green Lake City
Rukan Fresh Market Blok A No. 12
Duri Kosambi, Jalan Kresek Raya
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia 11750

Phone: +62 21 550 3928
Mobile: +62 813 1150 1711
Email: halo@mendekor.com
Website: www.mendekor.com


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